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WJM International provides reliable, capable, and cost-effective  Government Support services and support functions, leveraging our management  team’s expertise to our customers.  



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Tension Fabric Structures

WJM International provides our clients with complete supply, erection, and maintenance of Tension Fabric Structures from manufactures such as Clamshell, Sprung, DUOL, Koton, and Alaska Structures. As a specialty construction company, it is critical WJM International utilize the experience and dedication necessary to successfully manage and build Tension Fabric Structures and we believe the utmost importance to remember “safety first” and “provide our customer with a quality product and service”.

Our team represents our unique capabilities in the supply, erection, and maintenance of Tension Fabric Structures. We understand the customers critical requirements for Tension Fabric Structures and our expertise enables us to provide quality products and service at the best possible prices, and in the shortest possible time frames, and continually seek through internal reviews to constant improvement of our services to further enhance our competitive advantages to our customer. 

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