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Maintenace Support Services

Maintenace Support Services

WJM International provides maintenance support for the Defense and Aviation industries. Our mission-critical maintenance support ensures all equipment is properly maintained and used without having costly or even disastrous consequences. 


We provide customers with an excellent mechanical maintenance program to ensure the safety of personnel and prevent damage to equipment or aircraft. WJM International provides visual inspections as per manufacturer's instructions and maintaining accurate maintenance records. Our procedures not only promote safety but save both time and money. We provide the following services:


         Preventative maintenance 

         Fast response time to requirements

         Adaptable maintenance program

         Volume parts purchasing (AOG)

         Maintenance (Visual) Inspections

         Heavy Equipment Load Testing/Repair

         Safety Inspections from Certified Inspectors 


Our management approach is focused on exceeding the customer's expectations by implementing maintenance and safety guidelines that save both time and money by preventing costly damage to equipment and aircraft. 


We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirement in detail.


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